Petronic with bright experience in the Oil products exporting such as different kinds of bitumen like 60-70,85-100,40,50 and etc,and other products such as Sulfur,fuel oil and base oil,has ability to export foregoing products to all over the world in 5 continents with export permit and certificates of report (SGS) in accordance with analyses reported by refineries and in accordance with international standards and right and appropriate prices.

PODC certify in order to ensure commitment in providing quality and timely delivery of products and also with having strong and efficent staff , we do all stages of loading,customs clearance,transportation and shipping in all customs,markets and countries of destination in the shortest time and the best possible offers.

 Petronic supplies products to customers based on mission requirements,obligations and agreements between and the goal of creating added value for company and all stakeholders.

Also company offers products in various types of packing such as bulk,poly bag and different sizes of several drums,appropriate of the national boundaries and different countries of destination.

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